Your Questions About Casinos And Betting

John asks…So this past week, I played at a $25 table, and was up on the night about $800.  Eventually I lost most of it back and finished the night with a reasonable $200 profit. Now, I understand that Blackjack IS GAMBLING, and trust me, I’ve lost just as much as I’ve won (probably lost more!)  I consider myself a good player, and have been told so by strangers/dealers/etc.

So only reply if you’re a serious player, not somebody who frowns on gambling/playing blackjack and would reply: stop playing blackjack and wasting money! Onto the strategy…So I lost much of the money due to hitting a VERY cold table, everyone at the table lost 5-10 hands in a row, several times.  At $25 a hand, not to mention doubles/splits, that’s rough.  I was thinking…what if I played $25 Blackjack, but on a smaller limit table (say $5 or $10 table).

This would still let me be aggressive on the winning streaks (since my betting sequence is “up as I win”, but not lose big on the losing streaks if I lowered down to the minimum bet…thoughts/suggestions??The Expert answers:Makes no sense at all.The ratio is the same.  If you got up $800 at the $25 table going “up as you win”, at a $5 or $10 table, you’d have only been up $200 or $300 at that same point, since you wouldn’t have started at $25.Sure, you wouldn’t have lost as much during the losing streak, but you’d have ended up at the same point agen bola euro 2016.

If you are playing $25 blackjack at a $5 table, what’s the difference?You can create whatever logic you want at a casino.  I had a $50 bet on a blackjack hand, and right before the dealer started dealing, I removed one chip to make it a $25 bet instead.  So either I win the hand, and win $25.  Or I lose the hand, and only lose $25 instead of $50, so it like I won $25 no matter what?I do that 10 times and I just won $250.  Genius, right?

First off, never overestimate the knowledge of pit bosses

First off, never overestimate the knowledge of pit bosses when it comes to card counting.  While most of them know about it, few of them are actually able to identify a skilled counter.  Most of the player evaluation is done by surveillance (the eye).If you are the biggest bettor in the place, you will get attention by default.  If everyone else in the place is betting $5 and you are going $50-$300, you will be watched agen bola euro 2016.

At least for awhile.It isn’t a bad idea to make a “more than minimum” bet right off the top of the shoe.  Although you are bucking the odds, it often fools the bosses into thinking you are just another player.You might want to learn a more complex count system (hi-opt 2, Uston APC, whatever you can handle).  Or, at least learn some of the critical index plays (illustrious 18).  When they see you splitting tens, even some knowledgable casino employees will shrug you off as a sucker.  After all…everyone knows you never split tens (or do you)??

If you see a pit boss paying attention to your play, then going to the phone, then avoiding your table…look out.  There is a good chance they called the eye to watch you.  Sneaky, aren’t they? Keep an eye on the cut card placement.  If they start cutting off more cards than usual, they might be on to you.And don’t be too scared of getting caught.  Card counting is absolutely legal in the U.S.  Worst thing that can happen is you get barred from the property.

Unless there is only one casino in your area, that isn’t such a big deal.  Of course they will take your picture (whether you realize it or not) and possibly pass it onto other casinos, but many casinos don’t share information, especially with the competition.I’m not suggesting you try to get caught, but if you make too many bad plays you will give up your edge.  And that ruins all of the fun!!

It’s not illegal to bet online with an off-shore sportsbook!

It’s not illegal to bet online with an off-shore sportsbook! There is NO federal law that makes the act of wagering online illegal. The only federal law that addresses gambling is the wire act from the 1960′s which makes it illegal to place wagers via the telephone. The US government passed a port security law and tacked on provisions (UIGEA) that make it illegal for BANKS, not players, to fund or accept payment from gaming sources agen bola euro 2016.

The only problem (for the govt) is that there are dozens of third party methods available for funding and no way to trace ACH credits. In other words, the new provisions are only for show and the end result is a waste of ink. I still use my VISA check card and e-check on my favorite sites. Online gaming will be impossible to completely eliminate from the US. The best they can do is make it inconvenient. Eventually I see the industry being regulated and taxed…heavily!

The only states with laws directed towards online wagering are Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, Nevada, New York, New Jersey and South Dakota. Although these states do have specific laws pertaining to online gaming, there has not been any charges laid.Some sites have decided, on their own, to no longer accept American players. These are the publicly traded companies and most have returned to private owners. There are still many highly reputable sites that welcome and cater to American clients agen bola euro.

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